The Ultimate Combination of Keyboard Improvisation, Comping and Ear Training

for learning to play without sheet music, to accompany tunes by piano and ­to improvise!


Imagine a situation where piano playing skills are needed for accompanying a song: a birthday party or a Christmas Party. You have played the piano for many years but are still not able to accompany a simple song.

Here is a solution to this problem: Keyboard Accompaniment & Improvisation – get yourself practical piano skills in just a few weeks.


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Includes online access to 99 audio tracks

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“An amazingly good book! Jyrki Tenni’s ‘Keyboard Accompaniment and Improvisation’ should be in the hands of every classical piano teacher in the world. The subtitle, ‘The Challenge of Including Popular Music in Classical Piano Teacher Education’, says it all, and this book shows how!”

– Mark Levine – Author of The Jazz Piano Book

“This book is very practical and straightforward. All the chapters have clear explanations and great suggested exercises that are easy to follow and will build skills quickly. The Tenni/Varpama opus fills a real void in the instructional book market and can be useful for private lessons and group instruction as well as independent study. Highly recommended!”

– Frank Carlsberg – Pianist/composer, New England Conservatory, Boston

“Very thorough and well thought-out!”

– Thomas A. Regelski –

“It guides the student very clearly through a lot of styles and competences.”


– Prof. Gero Schmidt-Oberländer – Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar

“Excellent book for studying comping and fundamental keyboard harmony, either in a class situation or on your own. The CD provided clarifies the examples and allows the student to play along. The overall approach towards music-making is very practical. Strongly recommended!”

– Jarmo Savolainen – Pianist/composer Jazz Department, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki


Online access to 99 audio tracks

The online accessible audio content includes recordings of the exercises and accompaniment patterns played by real professional musicians.

This gives the student an accurate and vivid impression of each style and encourages learning by motivating to play along.

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Chinese edition of Keyboard Accompaniment and Improvisation
international bestseller



Ralph Abelein

Ralph Abelein is professor of instrumental pedagogy for school teachers at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt am Main. He is responsible for training prospective music teachers in the areas of improvised keyboard accompaniment, arranging and ensemble work. Prior to this, he worked as a conductor and musical director for various musical productions. He writes music for film and theatre and is an active jazz pianist.


Jyrki Tenni

Creativity and improvisation are central to Jyrki Tenni's work as a piano teacher and music educator. He has published several text books on the topic of keyboard accompaniment and is regarded as the most successful Finnish author for piano literature. While at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, he developed new progressive methods for teaching piano improvisation and keyboard accompaniment. He works as a song accompanist and runs his own music school in Helsinki.

Helbling – Keyboard Accompaniment and Improvisation

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